24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

North Georgia: (770) 904-4040

Central Georgia: (478) 745-4555

South Georgia: (229) 329-4000

Toll Free: (877) 395-7931

emergency medical services

Critical Care Ambulance:

All Are Equipped With:

• Designed for patients who require the highest level of medical care during transport

•Staffed with a Critical Care Paramedic, EMT-Intermediate, and upon request, a registered nurse and/or a respiratory therapist

• Equipped with: cardiac monitor/defibrillator, pharmaceuticals, oxygen, medical air, ventilator, intravenous meds, AC power inverter, & other critical medical supplies

• Our "Modular" style ambulances have larger patient areas and are capable of transporting specialized medical equipment: aortic ballon pumps, other specialized pumps, and incubator isolettes for neonatal patients

• Stryker Stretcher

• AC Inverter

• Oxygen

• Medical Compressed Air

• Two (2) Hospira Life 5000 Single and/or Three (3) Channel IV Pumps

• Ruggedized Laptop or Hard Mounted Mobile Data Terminal

• Philips Heartstart MRx Series Cardiac Monitor w/12-Lead, SpO 2 , End-Tidal CO 2 Monitoring, Pacing Capabilities, and Blood Pressure Monitor (Transmit Capable)

• Portable Ventilator

• Pharmaceuticals

• Other critical medical supplies